BITPA is an acronym for "Business- & IT-Process Automation".

The main goal is to automate as much as possible removing the need for error prone manual procedures. These could be Business Processes or IT Processes, or the real complex ones where Business meets IT.

Besides better error handling, automated work is far more efficient, leaving more time to have us humans do the real smart work: "Think" (of new ways to deploy automation)

  1. First step is to define the work worth automating. How to do that?
    • Identify work that needs to be executed multiple times
      Work that needs to be executed multiple times (over and over again) may benefit most of real automation.
    • Identify work where errors are easily made
      Work that is error prone, is best automated (as long as it can be executed in a standardized way) as it is executed in a predefined manner.
  2. Then try to standardize the work.
    If it cannot be standardized, it cannot be automated easily. In that case, one has to implement ways to deal with all possible exceptions